Robert O. Sandoval

  My name is Robert Omar Sandoval.  I am excited to inform you that I am yourchild’s 5th/4th grade teacher.  It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunityto work with your child.  I’m lookingforward to continuing a very successful year. I have high expectations for your child and I will be doing all that Ican to help your child achieve those expectations.  My goal is to help your child continue toachieve success in his/her academic experience. 

  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a littleabout myself.  I have a Bachelor of Artsdegree in Psychology and have obtained a Texas Teacher Certification (EC-6Bilingual Generalist) through the Alternative Certification Program at theUniversity of Texas El Paso.  I have alsocompleted a year and a half of student internship/student teaching at the 5thgrade bilingual level at Rosa Guerrero Elementary.  I am certified in Bilingual Education fromEarly Childhood to 6th Grade. To better serve the students I am currently working to complete theBilingual Education Master’s program at UTEP. 

  One of the greatest strengths we can give children is thedesire to learn, this sentiment is best explained by a quote by John Lubbock - “Theimportant thing is not that every child should be taught, but that every childshould be given the wish to learn.” Therefore, my role as a teacher is to attend to the needs, strengths, andabilities of each individual student.  Ibelieve in having an exemplary classroom where a student’s parents areimportant and an integral part of the child’s education; a classroom where theschool, the parents, and the teacher share one goal and one vision – the academicsuccess of the student. 

  Communication is an essential component of success.  Therefore I will keep in contact with you andencourage you to do the same.  If I canbe of any assistance, please call me at school at 585-4750 or contact methrough the school email at  Iam here to work with you and your child to make this year a positive experience.
My conference period is from 10:30 – 11:15.