4th - 5th Connections

4th-5th Connections

The Connections program is built around the examination of universal themes and integrates the study of social studies, literature, writing, and the fine arts. Math and Science activities are correlated to the novel studies. Students develop sophisticated products and presentations. The curriculum is aligned to state standards and delivered using Dr. Sandra Kaplan’s Model of Depth and Complexity and the National Association for Gifted Children’s Parallel Curriculum.  This half-day pullout program is taught by a GT certified teacher. For additional questions please contact the GT teacher of record for your students’ grade level.

4th- Mrs. Farley (GT Co-Chair)

5th- Mrs. Boggs (GT Chair)


Identification and Screening

The process includes nomination, screening, and the appropriate placement of students. Any student in the primary grades may be nominated by a parent, teacher or other concerned individual to participate in the screening process. Nomination packets are available at the front office upon request. All exams are pre-ordered by the Testing Center therefore, all nomination packets must be submitted 10 days prior to the testing date.  Packets submitted on the day of testing will not be accepted.

Qualification is based on five criteria:

  1. Standardized General Intellectual Ability Test (under review by Advanced Academic Services)

  2. Behavioral Characteristics Log (teacher evaluation)

  3. Student Classroom Activities (research-based creative, critical, and problem solving thinking skills activities)

  4. Parent Survey

  5. Cumulative Grade Point Average

After all data is gathered a GT meeting is scheduled. The GT committee then reviews individual student data to determine placement. Results are then sent home with students approximately 6-8 weeks after the testing date. Students who do not fully qualify will have appeal options or may retest after 90 days.

 Testing Dates

Advanced Academic Services is in the process of hiring a testing administrator.  Testing dates TBA.                


Please be advised that the Testing Center no longer test for GT at central office throughout the school year.  All testing is completed at each individual campus.  Nomination packets submitted after the last testing date will be placed on a wait list.  If more than 15 nominations are submitted an additional test date will be scheduled.