Academic Performance

Tippin is proud of our students and teachers. We work hard to create the most inviting, effective learning environment possible.

This past year our 3rd-5th graders took the new STAAR test, State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (it replaced TAKS). The new test provided many new challenges and areas for success for our school. Tippin did well on the assessments scoring within the top 10 schools in EPISD in all subject areas.  

Tippin Elementary Academic Performance 2013-2014:

3rd grade:  Reading 94%-----Mathematics 92%

4th grade:  Reading 92%-----Mathematics 89%
                    Writing 90%

5th grade:  Reading 92%-----Mathematics 100%

                    Science  90%     

*STAAR Passing rates for 3rd-5th grades